Plans are being made for a Litton War and Peace Poetry Festival which will begin on Friday July 4, 2014  We’re hoping the event will open with a concert in the Village Church at 6 pm which will involve, among others, Litton School and the Tideswell Singers.

By that time the School will have had Helen Mort, Derbyshire’s Poet Laureate, working with them and will read poems that (we hope!) they will have written. Other war poems will be read or set to music – for example, ‘Dulce et Decorum Est’ and the song from Warhorse ‘Only Remembered’. There will be other music involved which will celebrate peace or – maybe – just LIFE!

Plans are for there to be another Soundscape of Poetry in the church garden (like last year’s inspiring one) which will focus on war and peace poetry.

On Saturday afternoon, there’ll be a village street party, which will include a re-dedication of the playing field behind the church which was donated to the village in 1928 by a Miss Penfold in memory of those who fell in WW1. Cressbrook Band and possibly the village folk band will be involved. Helen Mort will hopefully be reading a poem she will have been commissioned to write, about Miss Penfold. Other items, side shows, etc. are yet to be confirmed. The street party (in the field!) will involve tea and cake and will be inclusive. All villagers will be invited to that event but non-villagers will need tickets which will be available in the village shop nearer the time.

On Sunday there’ll be a morning service in the church that focuses partly on WW1!



CONCERT of Music and Poetry on Friday, 4th at 6pm in Litton Village Church

1. Psalm 23 – as in the The Vicar of Dibley       Tideswell Singers and Audience

Introduced by Vicar


Introduced by Carol                                    Tideswell Singers

3. War poems written and read by  3/4 Litton children

Introduced by member of school staff or Rosie or Helen Mort

4. ‘Donna Nobis Pacem’ by Haydn                       Tideswell Singers

5. ‘Pack up your troubles’

‘It’s a long way to Tipperary’                              Choirs and Audience

Introduced by Rosie

6. ‘Only Remembered’ by John Tams from War Horse           Tideswell Singers

7. Wilfrid Owen poem

Introduced and read by Rosie

8. ‘Where have all the flowers gone?’ (in memory of Pete Seeger)

Introduced by Rosie                                       Choirs and Audience

9. ‘Agnus Dei’ from Mass for Peace                        Tideswell Singers

Introduced by Carol

10. ‘Alleluia’ – sung by Audience and Choirs as they parade out of the Church

Conducted by Carol

As people leave they will be able to listen to the War Poetry Soundscape set up in the Churchyard



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